About Us

Hogies Australia Pty Ltd:

Hogies Australia Pty Ltd is a family owned business with over 40 years of experience in design and manufacture of protective eyewear and ophthalmic products to the Dental and Medical Health Professionals. Our award winning revolutionary design and production have lead to a quantum leap in the presentation of magnification (loupes) and illumination. A fact acknowledged by a market wide shift to imitations of our frame system.

Hogies Australia Pty Ltd now exports our products to over 20 countries around the world and continues to expand its markets by exhibiting at major Dental and Medical trade fairs around the world.

Hogies Australia Pty Ltd prides itself on being able to meet the constant changing demands in the surgery and operating theatre. Our production and design are in a fluid state, able to adapt and incorporate new concepts and additions instantly.

Hogies Australia Pty Ltd founder, the late Martin Hogan has for over 40 years achieved a national and international reputation for the design, quality and efficacy of ophthalmic products. Our company has been involved in the US manned space programme which culminated in our company supplying role specific anti-glare eyewear to many US astronauts. The Apollo anti-glare spectacles designed developed and fabricated by Martin Hogan Pty were for many years standard issue for all Royal Australian Air Force air crew. We continue to develop products that live up to his name.


Jason Hogan
Chief Executive Officer
March 2011.

Unit 16/ 125 Highbury Road, Burwood 3125, Victoria, Australia   Tel: +61 3 9650 9163   Fax: +61 3 9654 6860
Email: hhogan@netspace.net.au   ABN: 12122935960